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By using a gentle non invasive touch to work with the Craniosacral motion, compressive patterns held in the body are worked with to facilitate a release. Clients remain clothed during a session and areas of the body will be lightly contacted. Because your body functions as a whole, areas other than where your symptoms occur may be worked with too. Sessions last 1 hour and are cumulative in effect. Some clients report relief after only 2 or 3 sessions. For long-standing problems further sessions are usually recommended.


A very gentle non invasive touch is used to help release any restrictions, imprinted shock and trauma to restore health to the body. During a treatment younger babies can be treated in parents'/carers arms or lying on a pillow. Older babies or toddlers don't usually want to keep still so therapeutic play is often part of the treatment. There is no need to remove clothing or nappies.

Cranial sacral therapy in BristolAs well as using my cranial skills, I also have a post grad training in the field of pre and perinatal therapy, and I am certified as an Integrative Baby Therapy Practitioner. This work is about our earliest experiences and how they can affect us. This training supports my work as a Craniosacral therapist and allows me to work with babies in a deeper way. This means paying attention to 'baby body language' – the non-random repetitive movements that directly relate to specific parts of the baby's birth journey. By working in this empathic way with their experience, babies can release shock and trauma in a way they couldn't at the time they occurred. This can allow a deep healing of any trauma your baby may have and can really help you get to know your baby better.

Older children

Sessions are adapted to best meet the needs of the child, and some children do not like to lie still so play therapy can be part of the treatment. Children are worked with, not imposed upon during sessions and all work is respectful of the physical and emotional needs of the individual baby or child. Sessions last up to 1 hour and are cumulative in effect. Babies and children tend to respond well to Craniosacral therapy generally needing fewer sessions than most adults.

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If you would like to know if Craniosacral therapy can help you please contact me:
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Treatment Fees

1 hour session: £60

Cancellation policy

A full fee is payable for appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.