Comments from some clients who have seen me for craniosacral therapy treatment:

"As well as being treated for specific ailments, I have found my sessions with Claire extremely relaxing" 

"I needed to be convinced about the effectiveness of this form of therapy and now confess to being a convert. In addition to the pain relief benefits, I also really look forward to every session for the fantastic feeling of relaxation it provides" 

"At 24 weeks during my pregnancy, tests showed I was borderline for diabetes. I felt very relaxed after my craniosacral sessions and I feel this may have helped my blood sugar levels to drop"

"I really feel the benefits of coming for sessions. I find them very relaxing, and am now sleeping better generally" 

"I find Claire’s sessions to be the most wonderful of experiences. Her ability to gently guide you through your healing process is both comforting and reassuring. Claire uses her intuition in such a deep way that it allows you to experience and express some of the deeper issues whilst holding the space to facilitate healing" 

"I would thoroughly recommend that anyone suffering from migraines or neck or shoulder problems to give craniosacral therapy a go. I can’t remember the last time I had a migraine. I find my sessions wonderfully relaxing, which helps rebalance and re-energise my whole system. I’ve been seeing Claire for several years and I wouldn’t be without my regular sessions"