Craniosacral Therapy in Bristol from Claire Attridge

I am a craniosacral therapist working in Bristol. As well as using my cranial skills, I also have a post-grad training in the field of pre and peri natal therapy, I am certified as an Integrative Baby Therapy Practitioner and DBS checked. This work is about our earliest experiences and how they affect us. This training supports my work as a craniosacral therapist and can be a very supportive way of working with birth trauma for clients of all ages.

Cranial sacral therapy in BristolWhat is Craniosacral Therapy?

It's a way of working with the body and of having an awareness there is a connection with the mind. In Craniosacral therapy there is an understanding that health expresses itself through the Craniosacral motion. This is the subtle rhythmic movement of the cerebrospinal fluid which surrounds the Central Nervous System and is expressed in a tide like ebb and flow.

Life Expresses Itself As Motion

The bones of the head (cranium) and the base of the spine (sacrum) follow this movement known as the craniosacral motion. The free flowing health of this motion expressed through the different fluids and tissues of the body is essential to our well being. Stress, injury, illness, shock and trauma can get held in the body and the Craniosacral motion can become unbalanced and restricted and can lead to physical, mental and emotional problems.

Conditions worked with

Clients come for varying reasons, some have acute physical conditions such as back pain, neck problems, jaw problems, headaches, migraines etc. Others may come with long standing conditions such as anxiety, depression or sleeping problems. Some clients come for general support and maintenance as they feel it gives them greater capacity to deal with life in general.


By using a gentle non invasive touch to work with the Craniosacral motion, compressive patterns held in the body are worked with to facilitate a release. Clients remain clothed during a session and areas of the body will be lightly contacted. Because your body functions as a whole, areas other than where your symptoms occur may be worked with too. Sessions last 1 hour and are cumulative in effect. Some clients report relief after only 2 or 3 sessions. For long-standing problems further sessions are usually recommended.


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For an appointment please contact me on 0777 3204001

Treatment with craniosacral therapy is intended to complement and not replace the relationship you have with your medical practitioner. If you have, or suspect you have a health problem, please see your doctor. Never disregard medical advice or delay in asking for it because of anything you have read on this website.