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Craniosacral Therapy during pregnancy

This gentle hands on therapy can be very supportive during pregnancy. As the size and the weight of the baby increases, ligaments soften throughout the body and can become more vulnerable to strain.

Clients come for relief of particular physical conditions such as backache, headaches, digestive problems, sinus problems, sciatic pain etc. Others come with anxiety, stress, depression, sleeping difficulties etc as they feel craniosacral therapy gives them a greater capacity to deal with life in general in a more resourced way.

Helps support you after birth

The body has to recover from the changes it has made during pregnancy and labour. Birth can leave the mother with ongoing problems such as backache, headaches and pelvic pain as well as emotional stresses, hormonal changes and low energy levels.

Craniosacral Therapy for babies

At birth the bones of the cranium are not fully formed and can become compressed during the birth process. As well as compression on the cranium, interventions such as anaesthetic, forceps, ventouse and Caesarean sections can impact shock and stress patterns in the nervous system and body. These experiences can create imbalance within the craniosacral system and lead to a variety of conditions.

Cranial sacral therapy in BristolAs well as using my cranial skills, I also have a post grad training in the field of pre and perinatal therapy, and I am certified as an Integrative Baby Therapy Practitioner. This work is about our earliest experiences and how they can affect us. This training supports my work as a Craniosacral therapist and allows me to work with babies in a deeper way. This means paying attention to 'baby body language' – the non-random repetitive movements that directly relate to specific parts of the baby's birth journey. By working in this empathic way with their experience, babies can release shock and trauma in a way they couldn't at the time they occurred. This can allow a deep healing of any trauma your baby may have and can really help you get to know your baby better.

A very gentle non-invasive touch is used to help release any restrictions, imprinted shock and trauma to restore health to the body. During a treatment younger babies can be treated in parents’ or carers’ arms or lying on a pillow. Older babies or toddlers don’t usually want to keep still so therapeutic play is often part of the treatment. There is no need to remove clothing or nappies.

Conditions worked with

Colic, digestive and feeding problems, ear infections, disturbed sleep patterns, reflux, excessive crying, eczema are conditions that can be the result of unresolved birth trauma.

Older children

Craniosacral therapy can be very beneficial for older children. There may be trauma or other health concerns and conditions effecting their well-being. There may be physical problems such as headaches, ear infections or neck or back problems, or maybe stress, insomnia, hyperactivity and anxiety that may all benefit from Craniosacral Therapy.

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Treatment with craniosacral therapy is intended to complement and not replace the relationship you have with your medical practitioner. If you have, or suspect you have a health problem, please see your doctor. Never disregard medical advice or delay in asking for it because of anything you have read on this website.